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MEGA’s Multiple Piano Concert at Old Mill High School, Millersville. 143 students representing 10 teachers’ studios presented a spectacular evening of music to a full house. The prominent American composer, Eugénie Rocherolle, conducted six of her original piano duets which included the premiere performance of Prime Time, the piece which MEGA commissioned for the event. The 300th anniversary of the Royal Charter of Annapolis was celebrated with a duo-piano arrangement of an Aria by Thomas Bacon from an Annapolis celebration in 1751. Students ranged in age from 6 to university seniors, and at times as many as 18 students were playing simultaneously. Thanh Vo served as resident conductor. Christian Höferl, CEO of Brodmann Pianos of Vienna, Austria, attended the concert and provided 6 Brodmann grand pianos on stage; Keith Kerman of PianoCraft contributed moving and tuning services.

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